Nick from Conquer Termites South Central popped over to do a free half hour check at 4pm on afternoon last week. The Kingston home owner had some concerns about termites and just wanted Conquer Termites to have a quick look to see if indeed she did have any on her property.

It took a matter of minutes for us to see that this property did in fact, have active termite workings. So, at her request the decision was made to do a full, comprehensive termite inspection on her property immediately. Understandably, she had no desire to wait, she was anxious that Nick get started as soon as possible.

We could see right away that there were active termite leads on the ground and leading all of the way up to the second floor. Over the next 3 hours, we were to learn the incredible extent of the damage.

As a rule, in an inspection, we start with our tapper, to try to find any suspect spots (there will be a different sound in the wood if termites have been eating it) before moving on to any other tools. When finished with the tapper, Nick used his moisture meter and when he reached the master bedroom, the moisture meter detected an extremely high level of moisture in the gyprock. He got his thermal imaging camera (we are beginning to suspect this is Nick Woods’ favourite toy J) and it showed this:

The large ball of red you see in the centre of the picture is a large grouping of termites in one area and the other circle is soldier termites attempting (they move quickly!) to repair the hole I had made with my screwdriver in the gyprock!

The homeowner agreed to an immediate treatment of all active termites in the home so I foamed all areas with active termites with Termidor Foam.  As the homeowner booked in a full chemical treatment for her property on the spot, she was able to take advantage of our Conquer Termites South Central Brisbane special deal. She saved herself $240 for the inspection and $250 for the foaming.

We left her home at 7pm and were able to return the very next day to complete the rest of the treatment. Another very happy customer in Kingston, and a Pest Control Tech pretty satisfied with having hunted the termites down and protected someone’s property.


The following is a testimonial written by the customer.

I have just had my home treated for termites today by Nick Wood. His professionalism is outstanding.
He provided 1/2 hour free check, followed by a full inspection and because of the degree of infestation, began the treatment immediately inside the house last night. He returned today and has worked for more than 10 hours to complete the exterior treatment. He is not only extremely professional, but polite and respectful.

What a wonderful service Conquer Termites Pest Management provides. Thanks again Nick.

Gail Morris – Kingston – October 2011