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It was just before christmas 2012 when a worried customer in Runcorn wanted Conquer Termites to conduct a full termitetermite inspection - Runcorn inspection of her precious house. The reason she wanted such a quick termite inspection is because when the possum man was up in the roof he noticed significant termite damage to the top plate. This poor customer could not believe she had termites in her house. Termite inspections in Runcorn are recommended on a yearly basis and one good reason for this is to keep termite damage to a minimal. When hiring a professional termite inspector in Runcorn and surrounding suburbs ensure they have the latest thermal imaging camera.

There are several ways to find termites in Runcorn in your homes. Firstly the visual inspection, this is when we use our famous knocker, second is by using our moisture meter as termites can be concealed inside the walls but they need moisture, third is by using our thermal camera. If you would like to talk to a technician about our thermal camera please contact Conquer Termites.

Conquer Termites are conducting alot more termite inspections in Runcorn as we are your local termite company. We are very experienced with houses in Runcorn and how termites can possibly get into your houses. If your house does not have a current chemical treatment protecting it against termites or white ants you are just waiting for these little buggers to attack your home. So call Conquer Termites to get some professional advice.

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