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I received a phone call from a worried customer in Underwood, who had found live termites, while he was doing a big renovation. The customer did the right thing by booking in a termite inspection to identify if there was any other areas that termites were attacking.

Unfortunately, this Underwood home had been under attack for quite some time. The home owner knew of one area where termites were attacking but by the end of the termite inspection we found several more areas. One of these was so extensive that the entire hardwood stud had been eaten through all the way to the roof. The damage to this stud was completely concealed! Termites do this to protect the virtually blind colony from predators (and detection) and control the humidity and moisture that they need to survive.

We also found termite damage and live activity up in the roof void. Our Underwood customer booked in a Termite Treatment on the spot.  A Termite barrier is strongly recommended to any house that doesn’t have a current chemical treatment. If you do not want to install a termidor termite treatment, we strongly recommend to have atleast an annual termite inspection.

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