For anyone who wasn’t tuned into Seven News yesterday here’s the link to the story on the Termite Invasion in South East Queensland:

7 News – Termite Invasion Hits Queensland

Conquer Termites have been inundated with phone calls over the past 3 months with home owners booking in for termite inspections, live termite treatments and preventative termite treatments (also called barriers or treatment zones). And, it doesn’t look like there will be any slowing down even coming into the cooler months as these pests increase their presence in back yards all over the state.

The conditions following Cyclone Debbie’s visit at the end of March this year have been ideal for termites throughout Brisbane & The Gold Coast especially, with some low lying areas are still dealing with excess water left by the flooding.

What can you do?

  1. Check your home & garden for signs of activity (mudding, nests, flying termites)
  2. Check for leaking taps, drains/down pipes, stored water areas & areas with a lot of foliage
  3. Check your weep holes/ slab edge
  4. Pay particular attention to stumps, retaining walls, and loose timbers
  5. Call Conquer Termites to carry out either a free termite check or a full termite inspection

If you find signs of activity remember:

  1. Don’t disturb them (if you can avoid it)
  2. Don’t spray them with bug spray, you will only make them move on to the next safe zone
  3. Try to take photos or videos of the activity to keep for your termite specialist

Oh and did i mention… don’t disturb them?! I know the temptation is huge but it can really impact how easily they can be located when your inspector arrives.

If you think you may have found live termites and want an expert opinion, feel free to email the images to us or call to discuss and we can arrange a time/date for you.

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