Recently we were carrying out a termite inspection at Chandler, Brisbane, and found a massive termite nest only a few metres from the owners home. While going about our full termite inspection of the house and groundsI discovered this termite nest and a few others. Certainly one way to panic the homeowner!

It is true that finding a termite nest or termites during a termite inspection is relatively normal. The problem is that Chandler, like many other suburbs in Brisbane is full of things in people’s yards that attract termites. Once termites are in your yard or neighbours yard even they will continue searching for other things to eat (like the timber inside your home). Unfortunately there is sometimes the misconception out there that ” if they have something to eat in the yard they went bother with my house”. It is so important to have regular termite inspections done and implement or keep your termite treatment up to date.

Everyone was happy by the time we were finished at the property, termites in the home and the grounds were eliminated and a termite treatment providing eight years protection to the home in Chandler was installed.

If you have some concerns or think you have a nest in near your home, give us a call on 3088 2100, for some professional advise.