Most people recognize a termite mound or an arboreal (outside of tree) nest when they see one, after all they are usually pretty obvious.  But did you know that most termite nests in suburbia go unseen?

Termite Mound

Termite Mound

Termite nests are commonly located behind timber retaining walls, inside descent size trees especially gum trees, and under/in tree stumps.

gum tree

Is there a nest inside this tree?

Termites do not kill trees that they nest in (there is an exception but we don’t have to worry about that in Brisbane) We have two genera in Brisbane, Schedorhinotermes and Coptotermes that hollow the middle of the tree out and nest there, not killing the tree but eating the heartwood, the dead part of the tree.

Termite nest red gum

Termite nest inside gum tree


Termites do not eat the living growth rings. To determine whether the tree has an active nest in it, it should be drilled and tested, and if needed it can be treated with a termiticide.

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