The termite story run tonight on Channel Nine’s Current Affair is a continuation of the high concern Australian Homeowners have about the growing threat of their homes being attacked by termites. Termites (white ants) cause more damage to homes in Australia than storms and fire combined. Queensland Building Services state that 1 in three homes in the South East Queensland area will be attacked at some stage. The threat of infestation grows alarmingly if your structure doesn’t have a current protection plan in place.

Queensland is primed for an increase in termite infestations.

We are about to enter the storm period in South East Queensland that will bring abundant rainfall. With increase ground moisture and the rise in temperature as we head into summer, termites become more active and start to forage more aggressively. Don’t become another sad statistic waiting for the inevitable, be proactive and call us now to arrange a complete termite inspection and gain professional advice on how best to protect you home.

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