Here at Conquer Termites we believe that providing you, the home owner, with the most up to date, accurate information is a key aspect of our excellent service. You cannot be expected to be knowledgeable on each and every chemical, treatment or inspection technique.

You want to know you can trust your technician to be right, after all, that’s their job!

 With this in mind, Conquer is always endeavouring to keep our staff on top of their field, whether in be in the office or on the job site.

Just this week, we attended Eflex Warranty Accrediation and HomeGuard Acceditation courses through FMC Australasia (FMC Website).

FMC offer a range of termite and pest control products and also offer a Million Dollar Termite Secure Warranty covering all structural and decorative timbers that are protected by an Eflex subterranean termite barrier which has been installed by a FMC Accredited Operator, such as Conquer Termites 

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