rip off logoAn interesting call today from Andy (one of our Senior Technicians) after visiting a Homeowner.  Andy was there to measure up for a Termite Treatment Proposal.  This service is free.  The Homeowner recently discovered termites in the house, and had another Company visit yesterday afternoon.  The technician performed a foaming and promptly charged the Homeowner $1000.  Then indicated (without measuring the home) that a Termite Treatment for the property would cost “around $5000”.  The technician is due to return tomorrow to inspect the property (for an undisclosed sum).

At Conquer, we pride ourselves on the transparent three step process we follow when our customers have termites in the house.
Step One is a thorough Termite Inspection including a thermal scan using our FLIR E50 Thermal Cameras. Standard Cost $250.
Step Two is a Topical Treatment where we dust or foam the termite workings with Termidor. This is designed to kill all the termites foraging in the house. Standard Cost $350. (Not $1000)

Step Three (once the termites are out of the house) is a system which keeps the termites out of the house for the long term.  Often this is a chemical Treated Zone (or “barrier”) around the house. The proposal we have prepared for this house is $3800 (not $5000).

If you would like to talk to an experienced technician directly, or want a second opinion, call us now on 3088 2100.