Have you got an infill type concrete slab? 

When most people think of termite infestations, they usually think of a timber house which is obviously termite prone.  However according to pest industry insurers in Australia, the most vulnerable homes when it comes to termite infestation are brick veneer homes built on infill type concrete slabs.

Slab construction - Joel May 2014

Infill type concrete slab common in Brisbane


Why are these homes so vulnerable?  There a number of reasons:

1. Termite entry to the house is almost always at the foundation level, and only rarely is it achieved through the weep holes

2. Soil against the foundations of a brick house can degrade the mortar, due to moisture, providing hidden access for termites

3. The age of the original termite management system

(a)  If the house was built prior to June 1995 it was most likely protected for termites using an organochlorine or the “good stuff” as some people refer to it as.  It is now however getting on to over 20 years, and having been exposed to the weather for all of that time on the external perimeter of the home – it is a big ask of any chemical to last that long.  (We have found many houses with the “good stuff” also with termites in them!)

(b) If your house was built between June 1995 and 2000, and had a chemical “barrier” at the time of construction, then it has expired. Two chemicals were used during this time and both were only good for a maximum of 10 years, and in most cases it was only 5 years!

Slab construction Joel 2014 - 2

Infill concrete slab used for modern homes

Most houses built in Albany creek, Bridgeman Downs, and Carseldine generally fit into the (b) section.

If you are worried that you too might be at risk, please give us a call – we can put your mind at ease in as little as 20 minutes – 07 3088 2100 – Conquer Termites – Catering for Home Owners who want QUALITY.