Recently, we have been receiving more and more calls from homeowners from Carindale, Brisbane, that have found live termites in their homes. When you understand that most of the houses in Carindale were constructed 20 or more years ago on in-filled slabs, (which allows concealed termite entry) and that the original chemical treatments have well and truly expired, it is no longer a mystery.

In-filled slab




To add to these conducive factors, it’s is also more likely a mature termite nest is close to your home due to the established landscaping and gardens. Gardens that have more tree stumps, larger trees and older timber retaining walls, will normally have more harbouring spots and mature termites nests. The pressure is on!

If the chemical treatment around your home has expired, you are highly vulnerable to a concealed termite infestation. If you are concerned, and you should be, call us now to arrange a full inspection to get the complete picture. With all our inspections we supply a 22 page report that includes treatment suggestions that are specifically designed for your home.

Rowan 15 April 2015 002At Conquer Termites, we understand that some Carindale homeowners are reluctant to have the outside drilled and injected as they are concerned the holes will look unsightly. But we are proud to offer options that will alleviate the concerns for most homeowners.  Ask us about the diamond cutting option for gloss or marble tiles. Or about the option to lift and replace pavers.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. Call us now on 3088 2100