It’s not often that we are able to tell a good story about termites but just this month one of our customers made a very wise decision to get their investment property in Norman Park, Brisbane, inspected for termites. They had a recent fright with an infestation under their home, prompting them to make sure everything was okay at their other house at Norman Park.

Rowan 10 June 2014 001During this inspection, one of our inspectors, David Bell, found live termites attacking the rear laundry and toilet. The infestation, when discovered, was minor in scale but would have progressed month by month to become major damage leading to significant structural damage. A report and treatment proposal was supplied to the owners on the day of the inspection helping them to make a quick decision.

They engaged Conquer Termites to install the recommended chemical treatment using Termidor, the non-repellent transfer poison that has an eight year life. This treatment was installed by using a combination of trenching and hand pouring, plus drilling and injection.

Alex filling in the drill holes with a special mortar mix

Alex filling in the drill holes with a special mortar mix


It always comes back to the old sage advice, “If your home doesn’t have a current chemical treatment in place, it is completely vulnerable to be attacked by termites”.

If it has been a while since you have had your place checked or your have that nagging feeling, call us now on 3088 2100 to book an inspection.