If you have concerns about termites (white ants) and you want advice from a professional company that can deliver excellent service, please read the below testimonial for, yet another, glowing feedback.

After having completed an annual pest treatment on my property in Parkinson by a franchised pest control company it was bought to my attention my property had an active termite nest in front yard (little buggers decided to get stuck into some aged sleepers acting as one of my garden barriers).  I received a quotation from the pest fumigator for a no-name baiting system with an estimate ranging between $4k and $5k with no real assurances or confidence in that it would stop the spread or contain my current infestation.

Conscious of time and not wanting to leave it to chance I began some online research (trusty Google) and came across Conquer Termites and the Termidor chemical injection system.  After checking some reviews of this system I was confident enough to place a call to Nick, Conquer Termites Brisbane Southside specialist who was to happy to answer my questions and provide a free consultation at my property and assess the situation.  The next day Nick reviewed my property and provided a no BS assessment of the situation without the scare tactics (i.e. Told it how it was and didn’t use the element of fear to push a sale).  That evening my wife and I reviewed the information and called Nick to approve the Job (i.e. On site assessment was fantastic, leading quotation, useful product information on Termidor system including DVD and Nick provided me with confidence in his ability and the effectiveness of product).

Treatment begin 3 days later and included a full property inspection with heat scope and detailed report (including fumigation of current Termite hive).  The full treatment was completed the next day and regardless of some of the intricacies of my property (i.e. Water tanks, A/C unit and Decks) Nick and the Conquer Termites crew effectively completed treat and returned my property to a prior works state.

Professional service, confidence, support and guarantee of work where promised and delivered and I am happy to give Nick and Conquer Termites at 10/10 for work done.  Pity I can’t find a sparky or plumber with this level of service!

Robert Pearson – Parkinson – September 2011

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