Digging down to the footing of the external perimeter of a home Drilling in tiles for termite treatment







Yesterday, while out and about I dropped in to see two of Conquer Termites’ technician’s preparing a site in Brisbane for a Termidor termite treatment.

It was great to see just how much effort goes into preparing a site for this kind of work. They had meticulously removed all of the material (including foliage, pebbles and soil) down to the footings along the external perimeter of the home, including behind the tank.

They then took the utmost care when drilling in between the tiles to ensure that they were not damaged and then drilled the concrete path in a very straight line to get a neat and tidy finish.

It’s really important that the preparation be to this standard to prevent future termite attacks and it just goes to show that our technicians take so much pride in the work they do at your home.

Each home is different, some are built into the side of a hill, some are elevated, and some have an infill slab so may require an internal and external treatment.

With this in mind, Conquer Termites are constantly updating their knowledge base and re-educating themselves on how best to work with these types of construction.

If you’d like someone to take care of your termite treatment with the same precision and care please give Conquer Termites a call today on 07 3088 2100 or email us at 

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