1-1Not all homes are created equally.

There are a number of factors that make each home unique including the method and date of construction, the use of different building materials, various soil types, sloping or flat blocks, locations and surrounding environments.

What termite treatment is best?

When your Conquer Termites’ technician provides you with a proposal, he has chosen the best method of treatment for you and your home based on these factors and more. His vast experience tells him when a certain method, for example, a chemical treatment or baiting, will be the most effective way to deal with termites.

Confused about all of the options available for termite treatments and pest control? Please don’t worry, Conquer Termites are here to help YOU. Our job is to pass on the knowledge we have gained from years of experience and training, to assist you in protecting your most valuable asset: your home.

We provide an array of options including:

* Full Chemical Treatment using Altriset

* Full Chemical Treatment using Termidor

* Partial Chemical Treatment

* Pre-Construction Treatment

* Full Pest Control Treatment

* Internal or External only Pest Control Treatment

* Tree Probe Testing

* Nest Removal/Treatment

and many more…

Want to book in a termite check? Need to know who’s available in your area?

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