Altriset_bottleAre you after a termite treatment that’s safe for your family?

Conquer Termites’ often get asked about the nature of the products we use for termite treatments:

  • What if I am chemically sensitive?
  • Will I have an allergic reaction?
  • What about minor skin irritations?
  • Can we get a non-toxic termite control product?
  • What if I have or one of my family members have a compromised immune system?

The answer is ALTRISET. Its so safe that it is the only liquid termiticide that has been exempt from poison scheduling by the Australian regulatory authorities making it an ideal product for people who have concerns about toxicity and the safety of their family and pets.

PPE_Requirements table











Personal Protective Equipment is not required with ALTRISET. Comparisons with other termite treatment chemicals are in the table above. No odour and no skin irritation means an improved experience for the technician as well. If you have these sorts of questions and you want a qualified, trustworthy and helpful company to work with, call Conquer Termites now on 3088 2100!

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