One of the most common misconceptions we face in the Termite industry is regarding physical barriers, especially Ant Capping.  A lot of new homes are built with phyical barriers in place to help ward off termites.  And while in many cases physical termite shielding can deter termites;  this is definitely not the case (or even the reason for using) Ant capping.

Ant capping is where a sheet of metal would be placed along the top of a brick wall or on the top of timber or concrete piers.  Usually houses with subfloors would be the most likely to have ant capping installed. 

 It’s interesting to note that the most useful application for ant capping is on top of timber piers. These can often be completely hollowed out by termites, with little or no evidence on the outside for homeowners to detect. But with the ant capping, the termites are forced to get around it, making their workings visible (provided the builder didn’t nail the ant cap to the pier. This can create a hole that over time rusts and allows hidden termite access).

The most useful thing about ant capping is that it provides a visual inspection zone.  It is absolutely imperative that they are checked, because as mentioned in an earlier post; ant capping won’t actually STOP termites. It will just make their workings obvious if they are active.

Subfloors are particularly susceptible because people rarely like to enter them, so this allows termite activity to go unnoticed for far longer than perhaps it would elsewhere in the property.  Unfortunately, this was the case in this Albany Creek home we did recently.  The photo below shows the termite workings that had been treated several years earlier, but that ant capping hadn’t stopped the termites infestation.

So, especially if you have subfloors (but for any home really with a physical barrier in place), make sure you maintain regular visual inspections of your home wherever ant capping is in place.

It is also important that a professional termite inspection is carried out at least once a year.  You want a trained eye looking over your biggest possession and keeping it safe from timber pests.

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You can be assured that all of Conquer Termite Brisbane’s technicians know just what they’re looking for and can help you keep your home safe.