Recently one of our Technicians was called out to a commercial premise at Archerfield, Brisbane, to check some termite damage in a staircase. Checking under the stairwell, he found an interesting discovery. Termite had started to build a nest between the wall and the company’s main computer! Now this only happened in a matter of weeks! Just goes to show that you should always check dark places!

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It did provide a tricky proposition to treat. We couldn’t apply the initial treatment with a wet foam as it could have wept into the circuit boards and caused havoc. Likewise with a dusting application, we couldn’t be certain that the dust wouldn’t flow into the computer.

The only viable and affected approach that we could guarantee colony control, without affecting a very important computer, was to install an Above-ground bait station (see attached photo). This way, a controlling agent could be applied to the nest in a safe manner and eventually achieve colony elimination.

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