Termites and Electricity.

Earlier this week, I was speaking to a customer on the North side of Brisbane and he asked me if it was possible for termites to trip electrical switches. It seemed he had one lighting and one power circuit out and he wondered if termites could have been responsible. I told him that while it isn’t really all that common, it can happen.  It wouldn’t generally be the first cause one would consider.


Until of course, I actually went into his bathroom and found what you see in the above picture!  Next to this power point is actually a light switch with clear termite workings as well. (See below)

Termites can create a bivouac (sub nest) within walls and ceilings, and with the high levels of moisture that termites create, they can actually trip electrical circuits. Termites can also cause physical damage to electrical cable.

Just another reason it is important to maintain visual inspections within your home.  If you have an area of specific concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a free half hour check.  Half an hour for your peace of mind can stop problems like these before they get worse.