Statistically, 80% of termite infestations in Australia homes occur in bathrooms. The need for a constant supply of moisture drives termites to areas in your home that can provide this essential element.

A house we recently treated in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, experienced this exact problem.

The owners were not aware they had termites, let alone a nest in the shower hob (see photo) until some floorboards became soft and crumbly.

The big problem for you as a homeowner is that it is very hard to detect termites in your bathroom. Bathroom walls are normally lined with tiles and fibro board and due to the constant amount of moisture in a bathroom, the use of timber trims are normally minimized.

That is why it is important to have your house professionally inspected every 12 months by a company that has the right tools to detect termites in difficult areas like your bathroom(s). At Conquer Termites we use moisture meters, Termatrac motion detector and thermal cameras.

Call us now to arrange a comprehensive inspection so you have that peace of mind termites aren’t lurking in your bathroom


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