We recently treated a house in Tarragindi for termites with Termidor. Like most homeowners, they were completely unaware of the infestation until it became evident in damaged skirting boards. They thought they were protected as they have ant capping on top of their concrete walls. Sadly, a piece of tin will not stop termites. It is just meant to be a point of detection, not a deterrent. 

Ant capping is a legacy from the days when houses were built on wooden stumps. Because termites can eat out the middle of the stump and gain entry into the joist undetected, homeowners and builders would place a piece of flat tin inbetween, forcing the termites to go over the edge. Even now it is a requirement under our Building Codes. What benefit a piece of tin will do on top of a concrete stump is very debatable.

From these photos, you can see that termites can easily travel under ant capping and find timbers in your home. Don’t let this happen in your home. Check regularly along and under the ant capping to see if there are any termite leads penerating your home. Keep stored items and gardens away from the wall to enable good visual access. And for real peace of mind – call us now to arrange a free quote to install a chemical treatment. Contact us.