Recently we were called out to a house in Holland Park, Brisbane, to check for termites. There was reported damage in some weatherboards and in a wall in a bedroom. It quickly became apparent that the house was being attacked by a significant termite infestation. This was confirmed when our technician, Dan Kemp, got under the house and found two large termite “mud” leads bridging out of the ground, travelling up the brick footing, going over and around the ant capping, to attack the structural timbers.

Short video showing the termites leads in the sub floor

If you watch the video, you’ll see clearly how tin ant capping has no power to stop termites, as some homeowners believe. Ant capping is a point that the termites have to go around as they travel up into the house. Ant capping is to assist the homeowner to do regular visual inspections.

If you have a sub floor area (soiled area) under your home and you don’t crawl through regularly to check, then you might have the same situation this Holland Park homeowner faced. Call us now to arrange a full inspection of your home to gain peace of mind. Call us on 3088 2100