At Conquer Termites, we get a significant amount of calls about termite issues in bathrooms. In houses, 80% of termite activity is targeted around these wet areas as termites need to secure a reliable source of water before they will start to harvest your home.

Just this week, we were called out to a house in Wishart, Brisbane, to investigate an ongoing issue in a recessed shower. Our technician used a Thermal Camera to identify a heat signature that indicated termite activity behind the tiles in the shower.

He then used a Termatrac device to confirm that there was movement in that area before making the decision to be “invasive” to gain actual visual evidence. An invasive inspection is not in the normal scope of a termite inspection and should only be done if the Technician gets permission from the homeowner. We find that most homeowners are very keen to get conclusive evidence they have termites in their home!

In this situation, our Technician diamond cut a small hole directly into the area identified to have the termite activity. It was a wise decision as termites quickly made themselves evident.

This small hole also allowed him to apply Termidor foam directly to quickly and safely eradicate the activity. Interestingly, these termites operated and functioned without needing to travel outside. They were able to do this as they had access to moisture sweeping through the damaged grout between the shower tiles, plus they had ample supply of food – the pine framing. Mean to say, they didn’t know it is a house, just a funny yummy log.

If you have concerns, or it has been a while since you had your home inspected, contact us now on 3088 2100 to arrange an inspection.