The importance of everyone in a Body Corporate working together.

I recently was called out to a unit complex in Brisbane’s Northside in Bowen Hills, it was a 6 unit complex governed by a body corporate.

Five of the unit owners were working together getting regular termite inspections however one of the unit owners wouldn’t come to the party and hadn’t had a termite inspection done in many years. This unit was recently sold and rented out.

Door Frame Damaged by Termites

Termite Damage in Unit

The reason I was called out was that the tenants in that unit had found what appeared to be some termite damage in the door frame of the bathroom. Thankfully the new owners were people of action and after a thorough termite inspection to that unit it was found that they had active termites (Coptotermes) which had gained access to the building through the sub floor directly under the afore mentioned unit.

Subfloor Termite Damage

Termite mudding in the subfloor of the unit complex

All the unit owners are now working together and have since had the termite infestation treated, had a full perimeter treatment using Altriset (a safe chemical that is not a scheduled poison for a more environmentally friendly option) installed to the structure and are scheduled to have the full subfloor treatment installed in early January.

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Written by Andy Clarkin