If termites want to enter your home they can easily build “mud leads” to bridge a gap. You have to remember, termites don’t known that your house is a valuable assets to you (and your bank), they think it is just a big log – a yummy log. Have a look at this photo of a termite lead bridging from a wooden batten and into a house in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane.

Separation between top of the battens and the house gives you good visual to detect this kind of entry. But if you have shrubs and trees up against the house you might not detect this. If you just don’t go looking, you won’t detect this.

Remember, it is also very important to keep soil and mulch away from the base of battens to make it less conducive for foraging termites. We recommend at least 50mm gap from the ground to the base of battens. It is also recommended to install a chemical treatment into the soil directly under the battens.

If you have a house with wooden battens and it has been awhile since your last inspection – give us a call now to arrange one.


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