If you live in gorgeous Brisbane, you will know, love or hate the climate we live in. Unfortunately Subterranean Termites also love our high humidity and our beautiful weather. Brisbane is a sub-tropical city and most summer days are fine, hot and humid. When we have a good down pour of rain like the one in January 2012, it does not take long for all our wonderful pests (like flies, flying insects, mosquitoes, crickets and Termites) that we have in Brisbane to flourish and multiply.  A determined pest that every home owner does not want is the damaging Termite (white-ant ). As soon as the rain has gone and the sun is beating down the humidity rises and unfortunately so will the termite activity in your local suburb and possibly your home.

The general public does not know that when Brisbane has had no rain, termites can forage 5m down looking for moisture, but when the soil is quite moist termites will forage in your garden about 2cm or 20mm below the surface. This is the main reason why termite attack is so high in the summer months.  Most termite companies or termite eradication businesses are quite busy for about two months after a good drenching of rain treating houses that do not have a current chemical treatment.

We at Conquer Termites want to pass on this advice to you, stay vigilant and thoroughly check your house at all times to keep the damage minimal from Subterranean Termites. Please be aware of our wet weather and if you think you might have termites attacking your house, call us now to arrange a free half hour check or a full Termite Inspection.

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