Did you really think termites were sleeping or slacking off?

During the cooler months, most living species, us included, like to find a warmer space to be comfortable. Termites are no different.

Termites are cold-blooded insects and are unable to maintain a consistent temperature. When the climate cools, termites retreat further into their nests. They might even go deeper underground and wait for things to warm up. Their activity may decrease in the cooler months, but they do still need to eat! Termites thrive in environments of around 24 degrees. Depending on the species, they usually maintain their nest temperature between 25 to 36 degrees.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, statistics for 2019 recorded that the average minimum temperature for Brisbane was around 17 degrees. South East Queensland simply doesn’t get a severe or prolonged Winter. Having such a mild climate, the homeowner needs to be termite vigilant all year.

So, what does all this mean for you?

It may not be until the weather warms up in Spring that you venture out and start tending to the garden. It may be then when you find these creatures foraging somewhere outside. But what if, they have already found a concealed entry and set up nest within the cavities of your home? What if, as mild as our Winter months may be, you mistakenly thought termites hibernated or don’t do much without the warmth and humidity of Spring and Summer.

Time to give yourself some piece of mind! Particularly if you HAVE noticed activity outside.

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