We recently treated a home in Carindale, Brisbane, where the owners found live termites when they started doing renovations. In many ways, this infestation was very much the classic case we find in South East Queensland.Termite damage inside

  • House was built in 1983 and didn’t have a current chemical treatment
  • Soil up against 5 courses of brick embedded in the ground
  • Concealed termite entry below ground level
  • Termites had targeted moist timbers in the bathroom

The owners went ahead with our recommended chemical treatment to the external perimeter using the transfer poison, Termidor. While the boys were digging the trenches along the footings, they found a large termite nest only 30cm from the wall. They also found a concealed entry point through the mortar only two brick courses below the ground.

If you have a look at the photo of the hand holding a part of the nest you’ll see a worker termite, a reproductive termite and lots of baby termites (nymphs).

Dave 17 July 2013 007

But what we are really excited to show you is a video, clearly showing termites spilling out of the entry point in the brick wall once the dirt was dug away. If you have a home where gardens are up against the external brick walls and you don’t have a current chemical treatment protecting you, this will happen.