Most homes are surrounded by fences. The choice of materials and how well you maintain them will greatly determine if they will be attacked by termites.

There are two things that homeowners should realize about termites and fences. Firstly, you will always have termites foraging in your garden and it is normal that they attack your fence. If we look hard enough we will find termites somewhere in your garden. The second thing about fences is that they don’t stop termites. Fences are something they will chew on the way to your home. Don’t buy into the urban myth that if you leave the termites in your fence alone, they won’t attack your home. Actually what is happening is that you are allowing a termite nest to grow to it’s optimal size and as it depletes the food source in the fence, they eventually forage in larger numbers to your house.

What happens when you allow termites to eat your fence!

What you should do to stop termites eating your fence.

  • Use non-edible material like: CCA treated timber, Steel, concrete or fibro material
  • Best to use non corrosive steel post
  • Ensure that there is at least 50mm gap between the timber palings and the soil.

If you are planning to construct a timber fence then it is best to have steel posts. It might be cheaper and easier to build one with timber post, but eventually the bases will rot and become susceptible to termite attack.steel fence post

We all like the privacy and security fences offer. But remember, termites like fences for a different reason – as a food source that they can readily access. If you are concerned about live termites in your fence or just need some advice, call us now on 3088 2100