Alex 16 April 107Tree stumps in the garden provide an ideal location for termites to nest in while they send out workers to forage in the garden and potentially in your home.

This house at Oxley contained live termites which had caused extensive structural damage.

Further inspection in the garden revealed termite nests hidden inside two large tree stumps.

Alex from Conquer Termites treated and eradicated the live termites in the house and in both tree stumps with Termidor.

It is not uncommon to find nesting termites inside trees and tree stumps in the garden when live termites are found to the house.

It is always a good idea to have large trees, particularly gum trees, as well as tree stumps, drilled and probed for potential termite nests. This could prevent significant termite activity from building up around the house and causing hundreds or thousands of dollars of structural damage.

Remember to contact your trusted Conquer Termites’ technician if you find any signs of termite activity  – 3088 2100. 

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