Recently one of our technicians was called out to a home in Mansfield, Brisbane, to check for possible termite activity in some skirting boards in the downstairs rumpus room.  We were quickly able to confirm there were live termites in the skirting boards but also, to the great shock of the homeowner, a nest up in the roof!


Luckily, it’s uncommon to find a termite nest up in a roof. Most termites that attack a house originate from a nest outside or a nest located near a water source, like a leaking shower.

The reasons why termites nest up in the roof is not clear. There is some thought that they are mimicking what they do in nature by establishing a nest up high to avoid predators and to have a high location to launch their winged reproductive in spring. But the main reason this nest was up in the roof was because there was no protection to stop them!

Our technician applied a controlling agent (foam) to kill the nest in preparation for a chemical treatment using the non-repellent transfer chemical, Termidor.


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