Termite nest in sub-floor

Termite nest in sub-floor

What should I do in preparation for my termite inspection?

We recommend checking around your home to make sure our technicians will have clear access to all timbers – skirting boards, architraves, decorative timbers etc. Check that we can gain access to the roof void and sub-floor safely. Collect and stow away any items from bedrooms and living areas. If possible, please move pot plants and outdoor furniture etc to allow a clear visual inspection externally. Point out to our inspectors any points of concern you may have regarding termite activity on the day of inspection.

What should I do in preparation for my general pest control treatment?

All of our treatments are carried out in an extremely safe & specific (eco-friendly) manner. Our application is  targeted to ensure that we use only what is needed to do the job thoroughly. The products we use are both low toxicity and low odour. We do still recommend that you keep food covered or in the panty/fridge, that you remove clothes from hanging racks or the clothes line and that you open windows and doors after the completion of our treatment to ventilate the home. If you have pets such as dogs & cats, notify our technician and please pick up or cover their food and water bowls. Also cover any areas where fish, birds or reptiles are kept or remove them from the treatment area. NB. You do not need to remove items from your pantry.

What should I do if I find live termites?

Firstly, it is best not to disturb them, as they will retreat back into their nest and it will make them harder to find. Call Conquer Termites to schedule a free live termite check or termite inspection. If you have disturbed them already, attempt to collect a sample (snap lock bags work well) and take photos of the location and what you have found for our technician, then call us to arrange a free termite check or inspection.

What should I do if I find an insect or bug and I’m not sure what it is?

If it’s possible to take a photo or collect it safely then do so. If it’s not safe to do so, write down the description of the insect or bug you want identified and then either call, email or SMS Conquer Termites to discuss. If we can, we will identify the insect immediately and give you treatment options, putting your mind at ease.

Termite on phone

Who should I contact with my pest control or termite questions, not answered above?

Please feel free to call our central line on 07 3088 2100 and select your postcode to be put through to your local technician or call direct:

South Brisbane – 07 3399 1226

Far South Brisbane – 07 3343 3934

North Brisbane – 07 3356 8801

Gold Coast – 0459 166 396

or email: