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If you live in Queensland the chances are you have had Termites (white ants) or you are going to get Termites!

What species could you have (there are others but these 3 are quite common)?

  • Coptotermes – Mostly nest in tree stumps, retaining walls and inside living trees sometimes completely underground which is ideal for moisture retention. This species can make a sub nest in the walls of your home and have the nest up to 100 metres away!
  • Schedorhinotermes – Commonly build nests inside tree stumps, behind retaining walls and inside living trees. They generally carry out complete destruction to the timber they eat. They are a very shy termite and if you disturb them they can move to another site in your house and start eating there! If you have loose timbers stored around the house in contact with the soil be sure to remove them as this is a prime spot where they like to nest.
  • Microcerotermes – Usually build mounds on the ground and arboreal nests on the outside of trees. Found on many fence structures and retaining walls. Generally Microcerotermes rarely carry out significant structural damage to your house but tend to take a fancy to the paper on the gyprock lining in your home.

If you have come across anything what looks like Termite activity or even damage don’t hesitate to send us an email on or give us a call on (07) 3088 2100