We think we have come across the biggest arboreal termite nest found in Brisbane. Certainly the biggest Rowan Bate has found in the 18 years of doing termite inspections throughout Brisbane. Rowan 21 March 2013 006We see many arboreal nest sprouting from the side of a tree. But they are usually the size of a basketball, this one is the size of an adult man!

The type of termite that made this nest was Nasutitermes, regarded as one of the three most destructive types of termites found in South-East Queensland. Nasutitermes are distinctive due to their soldiers having a pointed nose.Nasutitermes They esaily build their leads over paths and concrete. With a nest this large it was understandable that all loose timbers on the ground for 50m were being affected.

If you have a nest in a tree on your property, don’t allow it to grow to this size. Call us now to arrange a quote to get it professionally treated