Listen closely as one of our technicians investigates a hole in the wall full of live termites!!

After receiving an urgent call to attend a home in Ashgrove, North Brisbane, Conquer Termites Northside conducted a termite inspection and initial treatment for a concerned home owner. Looking at the above video you can see (sorry about the lack of focus) and more importantly hear the hum of activity inside the customers wall.

Luckily we were able to treat the live activity using Termidor and are now due to carry out a follow up check (included in the termite inspection and initial treatment cost) to ensure all termite activity has ceased.

Sadly, Conquer Termites come across situations like this all too often. This owner had a mesh product installed when their home was built and therefore expected that she was safe from termite attack. However, in South East Queensland, the realty is that this is just not enough to keep termites at bay. It is exceedingly important to ensure that you stay vigilant and carry out regular checks around your home for evidence of termites, we recommended having an annual inspection and installing a chemical treatment to give yourself peace of mind.

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Remember, it’s just not worth the risk – Termite damage can cost hundreds of thousand of dollars in repair work.