Many Homeowners ask us this single question – “what is the best thing to do about termites?” Without hesitation, we state that you should ensure the house is protected by a current chemical treatment.

This advice became very pertinent to Matthew Green, a homeowner in Morningside, Brisbane. Matthew followed the advice that was given in the pre-purchase inspection report and engaged Conquer Termites to install a chemical treatment using the transfer poison – Termidor. He didn’t think he had live termites, but during our pre-treatment inspection, live termites were found in the laundry window frame.

Now the scary thing was, only four months before, when another company did the purchase inspection, the termites weren’t there. In that time frame, the termites had built a lead from the soil under the house and climbed a concrete stump (with ant capping) into the laundry.

If Matthew hadn’t taken the professional advice and we didn’t apply a chemical treatment, who knows how much damage would have occurred?

We apply a Termidor foam treatment to the live termites in the house as well as ensuring a complete chemical treatment was applied around all the sub floor footings and stumps.

If a professional inspector advices you that your home needs a treatment – heed his advice and don’t be one of the many homeowners in Brisbane that finds out too late.



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