Termite damage to trim

Termite damage to trim

In December 2013 I arrived at the property of a regular customer to complete her Annual Termite Inspection in Bulimba, Brisbane. She hadn’t had a Chemical Treated Zone protecting her property from termite attack and so her home was fair game for any foraging termites in the area.

Whilst inspecting the outdoor perimeter of the home, some paint work along the bottom of a trim seemed slightly indented. A slight tap revealed a hole behind the paint. Yes, live termites!! They had gained concealed access to the structure, and adjacent to the trim on the inside of the wall revealed a termite lead protruding through the bathroom and into a bedroom along the same wall.

Fortunately I couldn’t detect any notable damage inside the home, however with termites inside and on the move, devastating consequences may not have been many months, or even many weeks away. Of course the live termites were treated on the day! And wisely our customer decided to have a Chemical Treated Zone installed around the full perimeter of the home, which I was able to help put in place last week.

Not an unusual experience for us in the termite business, but a very good reminder of the importance in having your Annual Termite Inspection on your property.

If you have any concerns and would like us to take a look at your property please give a call on 3088 2100.


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