There is nothing better to bond a team of seven hairy blokes than to dress up in termite costumes and record a video to a catchy song. This is what the Conquer Termites team achieved on Friday, 30 August, at the MSIT at Mt Gravatt.

It was a day of “first” for many. First experience to be in a recording studio under lights and with a professional production team. For most, if not all, a first to dress up in a termite costume, helmet and antennae’s included.  A first to act out their ultra-egos to a camera.. And certainly a first for some to have powder applied to their faces.

 Video shoot - Aug 2013 011

 Video shoot - Aug 2013 015
 Video shoot - Aug 2013 041  Video shoot - Aug 2013 030

We will be launching the Conquer Termite song video in the first week of September, so you’ll have to wait until then to see the end product. But if all indications go by the amount of fun had on Friday, it’s going to be a rippa!

There are some big thankyous that need to be said. Firstly, thank you to Glenn for playing the puzzled homeowner in the video. It was a hard part to play as Glenn had to look into a white screen all the time while mayhem occurred in the foreground. Also thank you to Dasha, Glenn’s partner who pushed the music button on cue every time. Another big thank you to Dan’s wife, Denae, who assisted in all manner of things – dabbing the sweat off the foreheads between takes and fixing wardrobe malfunctions. Of course, a lot of appreciation goes to Hiroko for transporting the costumes and bring the wonderful refreshments. A great team effort.

Keep posted for the video launch.

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