It’s not often that you can wake up on a Sunday morning and know that you will be part of a creative collective and record a fantastic original song. Well, that’s what David Bell, Billy Brewer, Andy Clarkin and Johnny Treacy did today at the Ghostgum Audio studio at Cannon Hill.

Boys in the main studio

 David Bell was the creative force that wrote the song and crafted the lyrics, greatly assisted by his brother Billy. The whole process was greatly supported with the top notch set up at the Ghostgum studio and the truly professional mixing by David Quinn.  

David Quinn on the mixing table

 Listen to the end product: Conquer Termites song first release!


Check out the boys doing their thing during one of the takes.

More photos from inside the studio


Billy the twinkling fingers

David in his own world

David in his own world


The back up singers - nailed it!

The back up singers – nailed it!

The team

The team, happy with the end result