Conquer’s team of licensed technicians are always receptive to good information so they can deliver the best treatment options to homeowners, be it about termites, general pest or vermin.  That is why they were happy to hear what Ken Parry, from Bell Laboratories, had to say about the best way to bait vermin during their weekly staff breakfast meeting.

Rowan Ken from Bell meeting 008Many homeowners in the South-East Queensland area will find rats somewhere up in their roof void. Rats naturally nest up high to avoid their natural predators. Your roof provides that sense of security for them to nest and breed. From that advantage point they scavenge for food – your rubbish, your pet food, bird seeds, insects, frogs, mice, geckos, any kind of food. Rats are great hoards of food and will feed at night to avoid their enemies. They usually travel along “runways” that they feel safe to follow. This suites their personality of being generally Neophobic (dislike of anything new).

Keeping your home free from food that the rats can scavenge on and clearing up nesting harbourages will be the most important steps in keeping your home free from vermin. But when things get out of hand and the rats are rampant, it’s best to call in the experts.

Baiting is the most effective method to eradicate vermin. The quality and placement of the bait will determine the degree of success. Rats are very nervous eaters and will only be lured to a bait if it has a strong and desirable odour. Baits should always be in a secure box that offers a sense of security for the rats to eat the bait but also anchors the bait blocks so the rats don’t take it away to hoard to eat later.

Unlike colder Southern States, Brisbane’s home have a problem with rats all year round. If you don’t control the vermin population and they have access to an available food source they will breed prodigiously.

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