When faced with a difficult challenge, Conquer Termites takes pride in providing Homeowners with treatment advice that is most appropriate for the house.

There is not one approach that suite all structures. Some house can easily be treated with a chemical treatment by trenching and drill/injection. Some house need reticulation system, some houses need Homeguard sheeting and some houses might need a combination of all of these approaches.

A treatment we recently completed in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane, is a good example of combining several approaches for a perfect outcome. The house had a history of repeat termite infestations after many other companies had done treatments. It was time to do the right thing.

A trench was dug down to the footings. As it was quite deep, we proposed to apply Homeguard sheeting vertically down the external wall. At the base of the trench we installed the Altis reticulation system and applied the transfer poison – termidor.

This is an example of Conquer Termites not being restricted or bias to a brand. What is best for your home will offered to you in a 10 page treatment proposal. Call us NOW to arrange a free appraisal.

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