When doing inspections at two different houses on the same street in Carina, our inspectors found evidence of the three major types of termites that cause the most damage to homes in the South East Queensland: Coptotemes, Schedorhinotermes & Nasutitermes.

Sadly one home had two types of termites attacking it at the same time. The owners originally called us as they found extensive damage to the door frame of their walk-in robe. After our extensive inspection we were able to determine that this damage was caused by termites coming from a Schedrhinotermes nest. While inspecting the external perimeter our technician found a major lead bridging out of the ground and entering the house on the external wall that was coming from a Nasutitermes nest. This situation is not that uncommon. If a structure doesn’t have an effective chemical treatment protecting it, then it is susceptible to an infestation from any termite nest and any type of termite.

Just to complete the story, a house, only 200 metres from the above house, had Coptotemes attacking some floor joists and had built a nest inside the bathroom wall. We were able to find the nest and work out the extent of the infestation by using our Flir E50 thermal imaging camera. Then we could offer treatment recommendations to the homeowner on how to eradicate them and how to protect the structure with a chemical treatment.

Any street in Carina could be facing this situation. Don’t wait until you discover termites, act now and book an inspection to get true peace of mind and advise on how your home should be protected. Contact us now.