Brisbane homeowners have started to call us about rodent problems in and around their homes now the winter months are upon us. As it gets cooler, the rodents start to move inside seeking warmth and protection. This is when you will be alerted to their presents by scratching noises up in the roof and in-between the walls.

There are many reasons why we should consider rodents to be pests, any one of which would be sufficient to want to rid your properties of them:
  • Disease carriers: Rats and mice have the potential to transmit a number od diseases, some of them potentially fatal. Remember the Black Death!
  • Consumption and contamination of foodstuffs:
  • Physical damage: have a look at the photo below that one of our technicians took of an electrical fan casing in a roof void that had been chewed by rodents. There was a great risk that they could have caused a fire by exposing the live electrical wires.

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  • Fear reaction: It’s a normal human feeling to shy away from rats or mice running free. For many it’s just plain awful to know rodents are in the walls and up in the roof.
How to rid your home of rodent:.

First, you should minimumize the reasons rodents are in your home. Ensure their isn’t any available food sources like pet food, scraps and stored food stuffs accessible to rodents. Clean up and seal up. If you have hens, you have rats as they love to eat the feed left on the ground (remember, rats bring in snakes).

Block entrance points into your home and into rooms that have stored foods. This can sometimes be impossible, as rodents are brilliant climbers. But the less open your house, the less likely a rodent family will set up home.

  • Non-chemical: Traps and glued boards
  • Rodenticide Control – baits

Rodent baitCardboard rodent box

Call us now for one of our highly trained Pest Controllers to check your home for rodents and advise you the best control program to eradicate them safely and quickly.

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