trustIn our industry there are many companies who provide service for the short term, it may be low cost, they are in and out in a flash, they tell you that it’s all sorted, and then BAM, gone.

Lately we have received a number of phone calls from worried home owners explaining that their termite & pest company has gone out of business and they are asking what now?

Give us a call to find out what options you have

Its not a very comforting feeling when you are left high and dry. The people that gave you the all clear on your precious asset are now nowhere to be seen…

At Conquer Termites we provide peace of mind for the long term, we are truly here to stay! We strive to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, we do all that we can to impart important information on how you can keep your home safe from pests. But you, the home owner, must also be vigilant.

We will do our part (and do it exceptionally well) and we will be there at the drop of the hat if you have any concerns. Our company warranty provides real certainty that you are not alone in this battle. By having your annual inspections, you insure that any changes such as renovations/additions, termite activity to your garden, new termite leads or nests, weather conditions and other issues, don’t go unnoticed and don’t affect your termite treatment.

If you are looking for a company who prides themselves on being trustworthy, honest and reliable – Conquer Termites’ are the ones to call.

Check out these useful links: DIY Prevention, Free Call Out Service, The Conquer Team or call 3088 2100 to talk to one of our friendly staff members.