The subject of which termite treatment is “the best” is the one area which usually causes the most confusion for consumers, largely as a result of conflicting opinions, recommendations and prices they may receive from different companies.

What is the right chemical? …….What is the right treatment?

Conquer Termites believe that if you are given the right information and options, and it is explained in a language that you’ll understand, you’ll be confident that you have made the right decision. We will customise your Treatment Program so that it is specifically designed to suit your needs, and protect your most valuable investment … Your home.

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Soil Chemical Treat Zones – External perimeter and subfloor treatments.

A lot of people know this type of treatment as “Barriers”. We no longer refer to these treatments as barriers, as technically, they are Treated Zones.Since the banning of the Organochlorin’s in 1995, as a result of environmental concerns, there has been a search for a Termiticide that offers real long-
term control, with a fast kill rate and low toxicity to humans and pets.Until the last few years, Professional Pest Controllers have been forced to rely on products that primarily act as repellent treatment around buildings. In these situations, termites may not be killed and will continue to search for a means to avoid the treatment and attack the structure.

Conquer Termites believe that the new generation of ”Transfer Poisons”are a far more effective method in protecting your home. This is especially true when applying the treatment to an existing structure.

As License Recommended Applicators of the most effective transfer poison, Termidor , you can be assured that your job will be done to the highest standards.