Last week, we were called out to a home that our customer had recently purchased as an investment property. We had been asked to treat some termite activity in the garden, but after completing our thorough inspection, it was clear that a Termite Management System {i.e- chemical termite treatment} was necessary.

The home did not have a current Termite Management System in place, and there were still active termites in the garden areas – in close proximity to the external walls of the home.


Live Termites under pavers

Live Termites under pavers


When we lifted the pavers to install the chemical, we were amazed at the level of termite activity! There was approximately 2 metres of termite workings – all completely hidden under the pavers! You can see in the picture below the faecal mottling {hope you’re not drinking coffee right now} on the underside of the pavers.
There is a common misconception that if you have ants, you can’t have termites. But underneath the pavers, we also found a colony of ants. The termites were surviving well in that location despite the presence of an ant colony.



Mottling underside of pavers

If you don’t have a current Termite Management System in place, of course, we recommend that you get one.  And if you have pavers – it’s essential to lift the pavers, trench underneath them and apply the chemical. Then the pavers can be put back in place. Conquer Termites prides itself in carrying out this service to ensure a thorough treatment is installed.



Chemical treatment installed



Job is finished


This treatment highlights why it is so important to have a current Termite Management System in place. The termite’s greatest strength is its ability to remain hidden. If you have an infill-type, brick veneer slab-on-ground home, you are particularly susceptible, because there are so many hidden entry points, and all hidden below the soil.

If you have concerns about termites in or around your home, call Conquer Termites on 3088 2100 for a termite inspection.