It must be that time of year as we are getting calls from homeowners all over Brisbane saying they have found winged termites in their homes.

Spring and early summer months offer humid warm nights, perfect conditions for reproductive termites to take to flight in mass in search of a mate to establish their own colony. It’s freaky how all the nests throughout the South East Queensland know that this is the night to party!

Each colony has been breeding thousands and thousand of winged termites (Alates) throughout the winter and autumn. Once they get the green light, they start to swam from an exit-hole constructed near their nest. You can see these holes high up in gum trees that appears like a bleeding wound. The higher up the exit hole, the better the winged termites have to launch out and catch the breeze as they are not great flyers. Basically, they will travel to where the breeze takes them.

Why my house?

Now the breeze might take them kilometres  or just a few metres to your roof top or to your porch. Once they land, they sheds their long black wings and start immediately to search for a partner. Have a watch of the video produced by Manfred Taege, that illustrates this process and “dance” really well.

How to tell if they are winged termites?

Conquer Termites often get questioned about the difference between flying ants and flying termites. There are three easy ways to tell them apart # 1 WINGS – flying termites have equal wing lengths whereas flying ants have unequal wing lengths (one set of wings is also noticeably larger than the others). # 2 ANTENNAE – flying termites have straight antennae vs the bent antennae of flying ants and # 3 WAIST – flying termites have a straight waist vs the pinched waist of flying ants.

See the below picture for a great comparison:



What should you do?

Don’t panic! Collect a few of the winged termites (they might have shed their wings by now) and place them in a clip locked plastic bag and place that in the fridge. We want you to do this so we can clearly identify that they are termites and not just black ants. Now you have permission to grab a can of insect spray and blast away. We know you want to!

If you actually see the winged termites coming out of a hole inside your home, panic! Call us straight away.

Otherwise, you should give us a call to arrange a thorough termite inspection to gain peace of mind that there are no issue in your home or in the garden.

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