Firstly, let the experts do it! Here at Conquer Termites the staff are fully equipped with personal protective equipment, the right chemicals, the right detection equipment such as thermal cameras and most importantly years of experience!

The technicians have been trained to provide you with a safe and effective treatment or inspection. Concerns about pets and children are common questions but let us assure you, we understand this and are prepared to make your treatment or inspection stress free!

We are conscious that our industry has a bad reputation, but these days there is no reason that highly toxic chemicals should be used. Our industry is backed by some very serious, large chemical companies who always strive to find the safest new ways to protect you and your home.

Here are some of the chemicals we would suggest for you as the home owner:


Termidor has no odour and is water-based, it will not leach through soil and is not harmful to plants, worms, soil micro-organisms and plants. The active ingredient (Fiprinol) is used extensively on food crops and is even in Frontline flea and tick control for dogs and cats. For more information on Termidor visit


Altriset is new to the market and is a great option for all home owners, not just the ones who are concerned about the use of chemicals. 

Altriset is a  liquid termiticide and is not classed as a poison by the Australian regulatory authorities making it the ideal product for use indoors and under your house. It is the safest chemical on the market, so safe in fact, that our technicians can apply it to your home without the use of a respirator or goggles. See the graph below – higher value means lower toxicity. For more information on Altriset visit



Conquer Termites is accredited with both Altriset and Termidor so we can provide you with a great array of options for your home. These days self treatment is really a thing of the past, so let the experts handle all your termite and pest worries for you!

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