What is the best product for a termite treatment?

For anyone involved in the Pest Control and Termite Inspection industry, this is probably the most common question of all.  What is the best product? 

And while it is true that some termite management products hold advantages over others (and certainly we choose our products carefully here at Conquer Termites); there isn’t necessarily going to be just one product or chemical to answer that question.

The real answer is this: the best defence for your home against termites is one that is properly installed  and that suits the construction style of your home.  

Some items to think about when selecting a Termite Company  are – Are they accredited? Are they insured? Do they offer a company warranty as well as the product warranty? Do they offer environmentally friendly solutions?

While we are busy doing our thorough termite inspection of your home, we are doing far more than just locating the termites.  We are also analyzing which system would best suit the needs of your home.

While carrying out a house inspection and termite treatment at a property at McDowall, in Brisbane’s north, we saw up close the damage that can be done when that important factor isn’t considered.

You can see in this photo taken at the McDowall home, 2 different termite management systems in place, a reticulation system, and a well known chemical and physical barrier.  This in itself is not uncommon, and both of these products are relatively popular and found commonly in Brisbane.

But to the dismay of the owners, it has come down to something as basic as poor installation that has now allowed easy access for termites.

McDowall Home

Incorrect Installation of Termite Management Systems

It can be difficult to see, as this photo was taken in the sub-floor of the property, but the purple reticulation system is at soil level and should have been repacked in soil after installation.  The other, more obvious termite management system, the orange physical barrier is only effective if it encircles the entire area, not just part of it as we saw in this home.

 There is nothing at all wrong with either of the chemicals or products used here.  Had they been installed correctly they absolutely should have been enough to keep this house safe from termites for years to come, as well as the kind of damage this McDowall homeowner is now faced with.

So remember, when talking to the person doing your property inspection; don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Don’t just ask which treatment chemical they recommend, but also which treatment protocol they feel will best keep your home safe.

If you live in a suburb like McDowall, Bridgeman Downs, Albany Creek or others with large estates that may have been built in the last 15 years or so and may have been treated at the same time, give Conquer Termites Northside a call on 3356 8801 and find out what we can do to help!

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