Many of our customers are now asking about safe, eco-friendly, termite treatments as an alternative to the commonly used poisons and chemicals.

Luckily for Conquer Termites, our technicians have been fully accredited, trained and are experienced  in the use of Altriset – a SAFE, EFFECTIVE & SPECIFIC termite treatment created from a natural source.

The active ingredient in Altriset (Chlorantranliprole) is based on a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of a South American plant, Ryania speciosa.

As a result of the naturally occurring compound our technicians have no need to wear personal protective equipment such as masks, safety glasses, gloves etc.

Altriset has an extremely low toxicity and it is so safe that it is not even listed on the poisons schedule. So when considering which product to use in protecting your home, think Altriset – safe for you, safe for your children, safe for your pets and the environment.

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Altriset – Mode of Action 

Altriset – Stop Feeding Diagram